The Bar MZ Ranch has a beautiful barn that has been remodeled to suit any kind of event and offers people an atmosphere to celebrate life and love under Montana's Big Sky.  The Bar MZ Ranch barn has been used for many events including wedding ceremonies, family gatherings, birthdays, 4th of July celebrations, and Christmas & New Year's parties.  The Bar MZ Ranch is in Southwest Montana near the town of Norris, in the beautiful Madison Valley. The Bar MZ Ranch has breathtaking views and a convenient location with nearby motel and restaurant (within 7 miles) , and it is only a 45-minute drive to Bozeman, Montana.  Inside the barn is a bar, band platform, permanent tables and chairs, and removable tables and chairs.  Please take a look at the photos below to truly see what an amazing place this is for an event.   For more information, consultation or to book a reservation in this beautiful barn, please call (406) 842-5342 or Email:
Fees are dependent on the duration of the rental.

Let the Bar MZ Ranch make memories for your family and friends that will last a lifetime.  The Bar MZ Ranch has over 500 acres that offer breath-taking views that provide  beautiful scenery (wildlife included) for endless photo opportunities and relaxing atmospheres.

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Bar MZ Ranch - Southwest Montana's Event Center for Weddings,
Gatherings of Family and Friends